Dragonmarked Houses

The Dragonmarked Houses provide the backbone for the industrialized use of magic that impacts daily life in Khorvaire and beyond.

The elite members of the house’s bear dragonmarks themselves, hereditary marks of fate that have allow the families associated with them to monopolize a particular sphere of influence. Over time, these house have been able to hoard power over a particular aspect of the magical economy. While under a united Galifar, these houses were controlled by sanctions imposed by the king and his five domains. The Last War though saw the divided nations yield more ground to the Twelve, and in some cases become virtually beholden to them to maintain aspects of society. In the post-war era, advances in arcane sciences and powers given to the Houses under the Treaty of Thrownshold have resulted in some questioning whether any nation is prepared to make an enemy of a Dragonmarked house.

A dragonmarked heir within a house once enjoyed primarily the privileges of respect and a valuable connection to magic others did not. Now the houses hold an iron grip on certain magics and allow inside access to amongst the privileged hierarchy of their own members. Artifacts and wondrous devises created by these houses are specifically designed that only those with the correct mark can activate or control them. The bloodline’s associated with these marks use their power to maintain this restriction, and while the Houses may vie for power amongst each other. they do understand the need to cooperate to maintain their position of power. That cooperation can involve simple favors or snubs. Negotiation tactics used by the Twelve though are capable of casually crushing individuals or shifting the power structure of cities if not whole regions. Laws have little practical control over these Houses, the only limit to in the end being what is in the practical and best business interest of the Houses’ involved.

The Dragonmarked Houses of the Modern Era

House Cannith: The human bearers of the Mark of Making, which focuses on innovation and advancements in magical and mundane items.

House Deneith: Human bearers of the Mark of Sentinel, which focuses on physical defensive magic. Members are highly-acclaimed durable mercenaries and bodyguards with a reputation for neutrality…at a price.

House Ghallanda : These Halflings bear the Mark of Hospitality, their specialize providing food and shelter as well as sanctuary throughout the land.

House Jorasco: A second Halfling house and bearers of the Mark of Healing, they provide expert mundane and magical healing for those who can afford it.

House Kundarak:: The Dwarven house of bankers and secure holds, they bear the Mark of Warding. that allows them to protect objects through fortification and deadly defenses.

House Lyrandar: Half-elven house of Storm, and bearers of that mark. In the past they focused primarily on controlling of the winds and weather, but now also control airships…an expansion that has brought them into conflict with other houses.

House Medani: the half-elf bearers of the Mark of Detection, this house provides early warning and protection from surprises or unwanted observation.

House Orien: the Human house of easy travel and even teleportation, they bear the Mark of Passage. Members provide caravans, messengers, and fast curriers.

House Phiarlan: The older of the two elven houses and bearers of the Mark of Shadow, which in turn is said to be the oldest of the dragonmarks. Members are the elite of every flavor of entertainer, from stage performers and acrobatics to writers and orators.

House Sivis: These gnomes bear the Mark of Scribing, which provides powers of communication and language. In turn this house controls the speaking stones, which enable instant communication across distances.

House Tharashk: a house of both half-orcs and humans who bear the Mark of Finding, which focuses on location and the ability to seek out what is specifically sought. They provide remarkably effective prospectors, bounty hunters and investigation services. They also provide access to a laborers and monstrous muscle from monstrous races of Droaam.

House Thuranni: is the young off shoot of the elven House of Phiarlan. These elves also bear the Mark of Shadow and promotes artists and entertainers, but tend toward a darker tone in their performances. Compared to their rivals, this house also has a stronger cluster of artists forced on architecture, costuming, sculpture and painting.

House Vadalis: The human bearers of the Mark of Handling, which grants them a special ability in controlling animals. They are the best at breading and training beast of all sort and for any purpose. There strength spreads out form the Eldeen Reachers.

Main Dragonmarked Houses in Graywall

Dragonmarked Houses

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