Though united under the Daughters of Sora Kell, the creatures of Droaam have wildly diverse cultures. Since Graywall is one of the few locations in Droaam where the tribes of different creatures all intermingle, there is no singular religion for the city. The majority of the population follow a myriad of religions and traditions, all of which can be seen on display as one walks through Graywall. This host of tiny shrines are scattered throughout Bloodstone and Little Graywall, and they represent the deities of different clans and races. Many of these are small temporary shines, maintained in homage to the Dark Six but reflecting individual takes based on the goblin or other smaller race that tries to maintain them. These shines in turn though fall prey to those elevated by stronger residents. The minotaurs from the tribes in the north for instance keep shrines to the Horned Prince, but each clan has their own representation of this demon overlord and believes all others to be flawed. The Last Dirge flight or clan of harpies sing and make shines promoting worship of their incarnation of either the Fury (as “the Song of Passion and Rage”) while the Stormsinger flight worship the Devourer as “the Stormsong”. The gnolls in turn worship no deities, but rather the bones of their ancestors.

There are cross-race religions in practice in Graywall as well as greater Droaam, the largest of which are the worshipers of the Shadow, whose priests and priestesses call themselves the Voices of the Shadow. These worshipers are primarily lead by some of the most powerful residents, particularly faithful medusas and oni, who preach that the Shadow created the monstrous races. The Voice of the Shadow as a faith support the Daughters of Sora Kell, and in turn act as a sort the community leadership of Graywall. While not strictly benevolent in nature, these worshipers do offer a united front and a sense of protection for all monstrous believing members. A smaller subset of cross-race worshipers also exist that follow the Mockery, but by their very nature this group tends to be less visible and less reliably united. Being the gateway between the mountains and the riches from nations to the east, Graywall has attracted the attention from all those who live in Droaam. As such, the medusas of Cazhaak Draal have sent envoys to Graywall who have in turn established small factions of followers, with similar seeds being grown by even the infrequent contact the city has had with the tieflings of the Venomous Demesne and Oni mystics. There is also a faction of doppelgangers in Graywall who worship the Traveler. Droaam’s populous may largely follow the Dark Six, but even those who have pledged themselves as vassals of the same power often have very unique viewpoints from other factions.

Outside an almost token presence of shines within the more “civilized” Calabas district, there is little recognition of the Sovereign Host in Graywall and even less deeper in Droaam. Most of the inhabitants of Droaam are indifferent towards the Sovereign Host and their worshipers. They consider the Sovereigns to be weak gods, and will either pity or laugh at any that follow them. The Silver Flame, on the other hand, is actively hated in Graywall and throughout the nation; crusaders have been invading Droaam since the Purge. Other more exotic faiths have even less of a hold in Droaam, though the nations extraterritorial status has led to a number of fanatical or excommunicated branches of faiths seeking refuge in Droaam. This includes an outlawed fanatical sect of followers of the Blood of Vol, who have taken up residence in the Bloodstone district of Greywall.

Droaam and the Daughters have welcomed all monstrous beings and given tacit encouragement to of Voice of the Shadow as at least a national philosophy. They have not, though, gone so far as to acknowledge the activity of the mysterious Cults of the Dragon Below. This may be due to cells of these Cults having their own long traditions of secrecy, that even Droaam does not seek to validate such Cults’ dread intentions, or that the Daughters are unwilling to at least publicly offer sanctuary to their followers owing to the impact it would have on efforts to build ties with other nations.

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