Karda, or the Throne District

The Throne

Also called the Karda, the Throne is home to the mayor and his forces, the Flayer’s Guard. For all that it can be seen as a center for trade, Graywall is still a military outpost on the border of Droaam and Breland, with the Karda being the fortress at the heart of the town. High, thick walls surround the district. Foot soldiers patrol the streets, and harpies and gargoyles circle overhead. The gates are open, but the minotaur sentries question any who wish to enter, demanding to know the business that takes them to the Karda. Foreigners are not welcome here, and few humans or other easterners are visible and any who are will be treated with suspicion and might be actively questioned by patrols. Barracked soliders of the Flayer Guard are the majority of the population. Consisting mainly of orcs, ogres, minotaurs, and gnolls. Elite troops of war trolls form an impressive (if small) segment of the keep along with a few other elite squads given special bunking. The Throne is also home to the Znir Pact, the biggest of the gnoll tribes in Graywall. Aside from the soldiers, goblins and orcs can be seen performing menial tasks and civilian jobs. At the center of the Throne the Last Tower itself, home to the courthouse of Graywall and where Xor’chylic’s word is made law.


• No businesses are in the Karda. There is a grist mill for the soldiers, but no public amenities. It is a fortress, with barracks for the Flayer Guard and Znir Pact, armories, and other facilities needed to hold the citadel in the face of a siege.

• The Keep: The seat of Xorchylic’s power, the Keep is the strangest building in Graywall. The mind flayer took a personal hand in its design, and its walls are whorled and rounded; at times they gleam with an iridescent sheen. Fifty elite troops are garrisoned within the tower, and it is fortified to withstand a siege. Xorchylic’s throne sits on the third floor, and he spends most of his time in this great seat, listening to the thoughts of the town and plotting his incompre¬hensible thoughts.

• The Last Tower: This is the courthouse of Gray¬wall. It is also the last place many of those who come before a magistrate ever see. The tower serves both as a prison and as a center for torture. Droaamish law doesn’t believe in incarceration as a form of rehabilitation, and prisoners are only held if they are waiting for transfer, execution, or serving a sentence in the arena (which can last days or weeks). Public executions are held in the plaza, and statues are also arranged around the tower—these are victims petri¬fied by the medusa magistrate and left as a warning to others. Typically, the justice has the right hand of a petrified victim removed, to ensure that if the victim is restored it is at least maimed.

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Karda, or the Throne District

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