History of Droaam and the City



Graywall is a city that exists in the shadows of past. Ten thousand years ago, the Dhakaani Empire of hobgoblin’s built the fortress of Korash Khaar at the base of the Graywall Mountains, with the purpose of defending the valley stretching between the Graywall and the Byeshk Mountains. The fortress stood strong for a thousand years; at least, until the Daelkyr War erupted. Western Khorvaire was overrun by the daelkyr and their servants.’

Dyrrn the Corrputor, one of the more powerful daelkyr, set his sights on Korash Khaar. The daelkyr overran Korash Khaar, and some say that the defenders’ blood was absorbed into the walls of the fortress, turning the stone to blood red. Korash Khaar fell, but the daelkyr themselves were pushed back as it said that many of the invading daelkyr were trapped beneath the ground, in cells within Khyber created by the Gatekeepers.

Over the next nine thousand years, the ruins of Korash Khaar turned hands many times, with the goblins, then the gnolls, then the ogres, and finally the gargoyles all taking turns using the ruins as their home. With the rise of the human Kingdom of Galifar, the region around the Graywall and the Byeshk Mountains was laid claim to by Breland. Though much of this claim was in name only, rugged Brelish settlers did make some efforts to establish themselves in the more fertile areas despite the constant threat posed by the indigenous life. Breland in turn made efforts to protect these colonies, garrisoning small forts and keeps along the mountain sloops. Periodically, these forts and settlements would be overrun or simply cease to exist. Occasionally a young lord of Breland or hero of Thrane would set out into the wild lands, either to bring justice to the monsters there or seek out the great chambers of gold said to be left from the Dhakaani Empire. But once the Last War began, the trouble of maintaining settlements so far from the core of Breland’s strength quickly began to outweighed the token contribution they could make toward the greater war effort. Instead, as the war progressed, interest in the lands focused on obtaining shock troops or monstrous mercenaries from the area both by Breland and other nearby states. Breland became less watchful of the lands west of the mountains, trusting that they could draw from the lands when needed and be protected by the high passes while fighting to take the crown of Galifar.

During the latter days of the Last War, monstrous warbands began to strike out in western Breland, causing chaos amongst the citizens of the nation. While some of this may have been the natural result of unchecked growth of native gnolls and war bands, many suspect foreign powers may have actively incited conflict in an effort to draw Breland’s resources toward another front. Instead in 987 YK, King Boranel of Breland evacuated the remaining Brelish settlements east of the Graywall Mountains. Soon after, a trio of hags calling themselves the Daughters of Sora Kell officially came forward to announce themselves as in possession of all Brelish lands west of the Graywall Mountains. They announced this land as a new sovereign nation they called Droaam: a nation where the unwanted creatures of the world, such as gnolls, hags, ogres, and the like could find home. The rise of the Daughters was not without bloodshed, but through relatively judicious use of extreme force they proceeded to either unite or devastate the warring bands inhabiting their new lands. The Daughter established their capital and seat of power at the Great Crag, and maintain a force of giants, trolls, ogres and other monsters at the ready to respond should any warlord question them as the absolute authority in Droaam.

With the creation of this new nation, the Daughters of Sora Kell established the basic feudal system that passes for government in Droaam. There may be no official coin minted in the kingdom, there is a steady flow of ore, foreign plunder, labor, food, and even lost relics that moves about the nation to secure favors. In the wake of this new “government”, civilization sprang. One of the first cities to be created was the city of Graywall, at the foot of the mountains it is named for. Rumor has it that mysterious seer Sora Teraza, one of the Daughters of Sora Kell herself, was the one who found the illithid named Xor’chylic imprisoned under Dhakaani ruins. Wherever he came from, Xor’chylic was soon established by the Daughters as mayor of Greywall and has since established a reputation for efficiently seeing to all of the Daughters demands.

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History of Droaam and the City

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