Forces of Greywall

Forces Within Graywall


Many factions are at work in Graywall. Although the Daughters forged Droaam into a nation, tribal and racial ties are still a powerful force within the town. While Xo’chylic has managed to condition many of his subjects into fiercely loyal followers, the nature of Droaam means that there are still a large number of rivalries and contenders for a position of power within the city. As Droaam’s major gateway to all eastern khorvaire. ambitious warlords also frequently have business such or their own operatives in the town. And then there are the spies, Brelish bandits, and groups of deserters or war criminals drawn from across Khorvaire. Finally, the land of Droaam itself is far from tamed. While the Daughter’s have united warlords into a nation, they have not bother to pacify the natural habitats of Droaam. In fact, they have put out an open call to all intelligent “monsters” of the realm to seek out Droaam as a safe haven from persecution. This has brought creatures from across the country to Droaam, but the summons has also been heard and responded to from the depths of Khyber. Many of these immigrants do seek safety, but that is not to say all come willing to abide the Daughter’s rule or offer peaceful tidings.


Major Dragonmark Houses of Graywall

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Forces of Greywall

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