The Economy


The Daughters of Sora Kell have yet to mint coins. Most merchants in Graywall willingly accept the gold of the east, especially in the Calabas; however, they are also used to bartering for goods and services. Gnoll hunters trade food, meat, and exotic hides. Miners might offer slivers of precious metal or rough, low-value gemstones. Droaam’s primary export is byeshk ore, but there are deposits of adamantium and dragonshards across the land for those strong enough to claim them. Contracts for labor and mercenary work are another commodity that can be used in trade, and eventually to secure more formal currency. Another common token of value within Droaam is the tooth of a dangerous animal. The Daughters offer a bounty on feral creatures that pose a threat to travel and trade, and they reward hunters for turning in the teeth of kills; as a result, teeth have become a form of currency. A common practice is to inscribe the type of creature on the tooth in either Giant or Goblin, but most merchants do not accept teeth for barter unless they personally recognize the beast. Although a merchant in Bloodstone might be willing to accept gold for his goods, odds are high that he has little gold with which to purchase treasures. However, there may be a chance for smart trade of an ancient Dhakaani statue that in turn could be worth considerably more than simple coin. Merchants also often offer up maps leading to fabled ruins, scrolls of Dhakaani lore, relics from the Last War, or strange objects left behind by the Daelkyr.

People also frequently come to Droaam to deal in less savory goods. Bandits—both monstrous raiders and Brelish deserters—sell their spoils in the goblin markets. Droaam is also the source of a variety of potent alchemical substances; from exotic ingredients to poisons and illicit potions. Many of these potions are addictive and carry side effects severe enough for the wise to avoid them. Dragon’s blood enhances arcane powers, but carries the risk of burning out a caster from within. Courage is a stimulant that helps the user overcome fear, a useful thing in a town of monsters . . . but over time it promotes paranoia, ultimately leaving the user in a catatonic state of sheer terror. Blood gin is a powerful necrotic, and those who drink the gin have visions drawn from the life of the others, mixed in with overall euphoria and lassitude imparted by the drug. Withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations and nightmares, frequently involving being vividly and graphically murdered. Traffic in all these substances is illegal in the Five Nations, but each has found a market in seedy corners of the realm.

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