Durad Taash (NPC)

Half-Orc Owner of the Merry Marcher tavern


Durad Taash has operatored the Merry Marcher tavern in the Kennels for the last few years.

He is a rather cheerfully and boisterous half-orc, and his tavern reflects his lust for life. It is also popular as a place that specializes in the cuisine of the Shadow Marches where Durad was born. Taash likes to project an atmosphere of an ale house after a victorious battle, but keeps the actual violence out of the hall. Dirty songs, fair games, and plentiful drinking are Taash’s main focus.

Taash loves life in Greywall, and believes all should come to see the attractions the city has to offer. Taash will indulge a bit of rough play from his regular guests, especial if they buy rounds of drink and are willing to cover damages. Taash is tough, but spent most of his years as a solider marching along House Tharashk caravans rather than actually fighting. He bonds well with any guest, but especially enjoys the company of half-orcs and orcs from other lands who are willing to tell tales of their travels. In turn, he has the loyalty of patrons and any number will nicely escort those causing trouble in the March out back before allowing them to bring Taash any grief.


Durad Taash (NPC)

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