Banor Blackbarrel (NPC)

Dwarven owner of the Cracked Keg


Banor Blackbarrel is an old dwarf brigand, and runs the Cracked Keg in the edge of the Kennels district leading toward Bloodstone.

Banor is known as a foul mouthed, ruthless and cruel person. He is interested solely in his personal profit. Banor is good to his word, at least to one’s face, but will cut every corner possible to his advantage. Banor provides for the vices of those coming into the Kennels, as well as a waypoint to those who need something from or are headed into Bloodstone.

Whether or not others survive is of no interest to Banor, he only cares about what you want and how much he can get from you to provide it. He does not judge others or exclude any patron, having equal contempt for everyone coming through the door. That he keeps his unrepeatable dealings under his own roof, cleans up after himself, and serves a dark but necessary purpose in the Kennels has kept him from running afoul of House Tharashk so far.


Banor Blackbarrel (NPC)

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