Droaam: Graywall and Long Shadows

Droam Report #1


I apologize for the delay in my report. Due to a scuffle with some orcs while on a caravan run, I was incarcerated. An orc that had been slighted by one of my fellow companions tasked us with acquiring some chest. Unfortunately it was trapped and I was unable to determine what was inside of it before it was turned over. I will do everything in my power to ascertain the contents of this chest. Thankfully all blame was deflected on to House Thrask and my cover is still intact. Currently tensions between House Thrask and House Orien are not yet at the point of boiling over.

One of my fellow companions, the elf, found slight with some dagger being owned by a hobgoblin. Foolishly he challenged him to a fight to the death over the dagger. We were able to arrange a multi-man duel. With some well placed words, the odds of the gambling went highly against us. Which of course was almost a complete slaughter on their part, and raised our profile quite nicely.

That is all I have to report on at this time.

Your servant,
Rodrigo Borgia



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