Droaam: Graywall and Long Shadows

DMs Interlude: A letter to Makoa and Asher

A cleanly folded envelop of paper is delivered to both Makoa and Asher by a goblin wearing the livery of a Sivis process server. The back sealed by an unmarked black wax.

“If you are still interested in stocking my pantry, there is an out of the way grocery that stocks certain goods I find myself craving. I am sure there are things that would be interesting to you as well, maybe in its cupboards or if you dig around in the cellar. For my part, I expect a filling quantity of their stock of eggs, milk and mushrooms as well as my share of any other trade goods you collect. .

The grocery was managed by a family for some time, but they flew the coop to reside with their three great aunts a while ago. Do not fret about it being closed down, I am sure others have taken over the location.

I have left instructions on where to go, which you can collect at the House Sivis enclave. I made sure you are well prepared to transport my order, but be careful that they are fresh upon delivery The spot is a good distance and not a convenient spot, but if you and your troop are attentive I think you will find the sites along the way rather interesting. Any special arrangements for the excursion are up to you."



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