Droaam: Graywall and Long Shadows

A letter home

Dearest Matron Mother,

I apologize for my delay in writing you. I have found myself in quite a pickle of late. This Discourteous Gentleman has been causing us some trouble of late. While attempting to assist the Hot Headed Man, It seems my Loud Mouthed companion decided to enter in to a deal in order recover a lost toothpick of his. Sentimental value and all.

Upon scouting our way in to find the lost toothpick, we encountered some of the Discourteous Gentleman’s henchmen who decided it would be a good time for a romp and murder. Something to which myself and my companions took umbrage with. After the appropriate amount of self defense, we decided it best to have a calm and rational discussion with him in person. We were all (except for the Loud Mouthed compaion, led to the Discourteous Gentleman’s current hideout, (please see enclosed estimated location based on travel time.) where he decided to have a discussion with us.

Unfortunately this is where the Discourteous Gentleman takes a turn for the worse. He made it quite literally clear, that he had no compunction about killing marked members of Dragonmarked Houses. Even those on official business for their own house. It is for this reason, that the Discourteous Gentleman needs to be removed for the social environment of Droam. It would be most beneficial for all involved in the long term.

Your dutiful son



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