House Tharashk Enclave

The House Tharashk Enclave

One of the largest set of structures within Kennels is also one of the most important sites for the house as a whole. It includes sections devoted to housing, barracks, warehousing and training grounds. From here Lord Khundran d’Torrn (male half-orc) oversees House Tharashk operations within Graywall.

Kel’Ashta, another half-orc member of the House, acts as the minister for the House’s Liondrake’s Guild. As such he is the lead talent scout for recruiting mercenaries for the House within Droaam, but he is also well connected to and frequent sponsor for games with in the Bloodstone arena.

Mor’Ashta is a distant relative of Kel’Ashta, and commands the house guard that minds the enclave. He also oversees the house forces that patrol and maintain order in the Calabas. When necessary, he can call on a mixed force of 20 full blooded orc raiders, berserkers, and warriors, along with any monstrous mercenaries currently on hand in the Enclave.

Jana Velderan is more temperate than her peers, but seen as prone to going to great lengths to prove herself. A human female, she has risen to be the chief inquisitive for Greywall. She does faced challenges due to her race, particularly when dealing with the races of Droaam. In turn though, many visitors to the city are more comfortable with her than the other leaders of the House. She is good at what she does, and over time has made contacts with many of the local bandits.

Lagraa is a female half-orc who works within the House Enclave. She is looked to as a spiritual counselor by those living or working in the Enclave, she offers healing and care. Some distrust her, but none doubt her skill with herbs and poultices.

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House Tharashk Enclave

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