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While several additional houses have minor presences in the city, they are mostly confined to the Calabas district (or the Kennels). Graywall and Droaam as a nation has primarily been focused by three of the Dragonmarked Houses. Still, as the Daughters expand their efforts to have Droaam’s powers recognized by others, additional Houses are likely to begin to take an interest.

House Tharashk
The House with the most invested in Droaam, Tharashk is a powerful force within Graywall. The half-orc members of the house are most at home, but even the human line of the house has a place due to the Mark of Finding. Under the oversight of Lord Khundran d’Torrn, House Tarashk has reached out to creatures across the town and acts as the primary force of order in the Calabas district. Through his generosity and feats in the challenge rings, Kundran has also earned the respect of many of the inhabitants of Graywall. The Graywall House Tharashk enclave oversees a number of different operations, including dragonshard prospecting within the region, and employing and training monsters to serve as mercenaries and hunters to compete with House Deneith. Xor’chylic fully acknowledges House Tharashk in an official capacity, and has given Kundran police powers over the district of Calabas, where most of the non-monster races dwell. Half-Orcs and Humans make up this House, and both have been known to manifest the Mark of Finding that lies at the very core of the House’s influence.

House Orien
House Orien (human bearers of the Mark of Passage) has a small enclave in Graywall, where it oversees Orien caravans heading from Breland into the Great Crag. The Daughters though have invested in the Orien’s presences in the city, seeking to promote more trade and eventually hoping to secure at least the city of Graywall as a spot along the House’s growing Lighting Rail stations or even among the Teleportation circle routes. In the meantime, the House maintains a steady but relatively small flow of goods to resupply Greywall’s market as well as to bring goods out of Droaam. It does do some business supplying materials for caravans ranging deeper into Droaam, including those trading between those warlords willing to export goods as well as providing quality transports for tribute or imported goods going to the Daughter’s capital in the Great Crag. Though House Deneith traditionally is contracted for security by House Orien, in Droaam the house has at times been forced to hire House Tharashk to provide support due to a particular warlords or other demands.

House Deneith
The elite members of this human House carry the Mark of the Sentinel, which provide mystical protections. While House Deneith does not have an official enclave in Graywall, Deneith guards often pass through the city acting as guards to House Orien caravans or wealthy individuals who feel the need for a highly trained bodyguard. While passing through Graywall, House Deneith often also tries to recruit Graywall inhabitants and the house keeps and eye out for ways to loosen House Tharashk grip in the area. It does not sit well with House Deneith that a rival has near exclusive access to the for-hire-muscle of Droaam or that their own Sentinel Marshals can not freely pursue prey into the land of monsters. To the south along the border between Droaam and Breland there is also the Graywall Outpost, controlled by House Deneith. During the early years of the Last War, Breland contracted House Deneith to defend a key mountain pass in the Graywall Mountains between Breland and what is now known as Droaam. When King Boranel ordered his troops to retreat however, Deneith troops remained behind remained determined to uphold the terms of the contract. For the remaining nine years of the war the Deneith soldiers suffered immense torment, often lingering on the border of starvation whilst almost constantly being under siege and at all times, completely surrounded. When the war came to an end and the Treaty of Thronehold was written, House Deneith forces were allowed to stay in Graywall Outpost and now have operate out of the small yet impregnable keep in the mountain pass. For political reasons Breland wishes for the outpost to be abandoned, as does Droaam for more militaristic reasons. However, Deneith refuse to do so.

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