Description of Greywall

Districts of Graywall.


Graywall sits at the foot of the Graywall Mountains, built atop the ancient Dhakaani ruins of Korash Khaar. While Graywall was built by the hands of ogre and goblin laborers, it was designed by and constructed under the explicit instructions of the mind flayer Xor’chylic. Xor’chylic’s alien mind has led to a design and layout of the city with subliminal patterning, which tends to make newcomers to the city feel dread and apprehension. The dull stonework often seems to shimmer if odd ways if looked at from the corner of one’s eyes, and the intersection of streets become difficult to predict if one pays close attention. Locations are marked with basic pictoral signs, since most of the inhabitants of Graywall can’t read. Buildings are designed to fit creatures from size small to size large.

The city is divided into four major districts.

Bloodstone is the soul of Greywall, where it’s monstrous residents and those who have truly embraced the Daughter’s nation find a home. Calabas (or the Kennels) has been designed to house and keep comfortable visitors and travels from lands outside of Droaam, but does retain a lawless air as a frontier city with only the half-orcs and humans of House Tharashk as a source of security. Little Greywall is built specifically for housing and the requirement of the goblins, kobolds, and a few small sized other residence who occupy it’s warrens and holes but typically work elsewhere. Karda, or the Throne District is the center keep and government in Graywall, where the Flayer Guard are stationed and Xor’chylic lives within the Last Tower.

Though not an official district, the city also has a network of tunnels underneath the city, called the Khyras that originally linked into the ruins of the Dhakaani fortress stretching deep beneath the earth. The only clear entrance into the ruins is through the Deep Doors in Bloodstone, which can only be opened by Xor’chylic direct order. Almost all the entrances to the depths have been sealed, but those willing to risk defining Xor’chylic’s will may be able to crawl through the Khyras and find an alternate route.

Just to the east of Graywall is the Great Stone Pit . Quarries and mines that provide raw materials for the ever expanding rough foundations for additional hydra halls and new fortifica¬tions being built to the west. All of these are surrounded by a tent town made up of both temporary workers and those refugees who hope to join their ranks.


Description of Greywall

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