Calabas (or the Kennels)

Calabas District “The Kennels”


Called the Calabas in the goblin tongue, the Kennels are where the non-monstrous races reside in Graywall. House Tharashk is the pillar of this district, and humans, orcs, and half-orcs make up a significant segment of the population. The House Tharashk enclave resides in the Kennels, as does operations by the other dragonmarked houses. Surprisingly civilized compared to its neighboring district, the Calabas is a piece of the Five Nations trapped in Droaam. Buildings reflect the styles of the Five Nations. Bright colors on the buildings and in the glass windows, with painted signs bearing names written in the Common tongue, provide a flamboyant range of shades to the area. Orc guards in Tharashk livery patrol the streets, but the more frightening monsters—trolls, harpies, medusas—are rarely seen here.


• The Roar: The heart of the Calabas is a vast plaza. It takes its name from the statue at its center, which is of a rampant dragonne roaring at the sky. The beast is the sigil of House Tharashk and reflects their power in this district. Aside from its scenic value, at night the Roar plays host to the Goblin Market. All manner of monstrous merchants come to sell their wares to travelers and tourists. Smiths and artisans from Bloodstone and Little Graywall bring their mundane goods, but astute shoppers might find stolen goods, relics recovered from Dha¬kaani ruins, treasures stripped from fallen soldiers, or any number of other surprises.

House Tharashk Enclave: The Tharashk triumvirate believes that Droaam holds tremendous opportunity for their house, and their Graywall enclave is the largest outside Zarash’ak. In addition to selling the services of inquisitives, trackers, and guides, the enclave holds training facilities for the monstrous mercenaries the house employs and serves as a hub for prospecting operations within the region. House Tharashk enforces the law within the Calabas, and the enclave includes an audience chamber where Lord Kundran Torrn or one of his ministers can hold court.

• The Twilight Palace: A wondrous thing to find in such a savage land. Designed to serve the needs of the wealthy expatriate or the successful merchant, the palace is a grand hostel, with luxurious accommodations and courteous staff well-versed in the customs of every nation in Khorvaire. Within its walls, a visitor can easily forget she is in Droaam. It exists as a joint venture of House Phiarlan (elven bearers of the Mark of Shadow) and House Ghallanda (halfling bearings of the Mark of Hospitality) with Lady Mishaan d’Phiarlan acting the role of proprietor. Phiarlan minstrels perform works from the golden age of Galifar, and the Ghallanda chefs produce culinary delights to stir even jaded appetites. Thanks to Khundran and House Tharashk security, the Palace claims to be as safe as Xorchylic’s fortress. Of course, such luxury comes at a heavy price, with simple board starting at a hearty bag of silver at and only going higher towards the Palace’s grand suites. If a customer rents an apartment by the week, the cost is reduced by a fair amount, but payment must be provided upfront.

• The Gold Dragon Inn: This inn is virtually identical to the Gold Dragon Inns found in cities across Khorvaire; it is House Ghallanda’s ubiquitous accommodations for the budget traveler. The menu serves one simple, comforting dish from each of the Five Nations, so a Karrn trader can relax with a bowl of Nightwood stew and a Thrane can enjoy flame-grilled tribex. The Gold Dragon Inn is managed by Reskal d’Ghallanda, a former clawfoot wrangler with the scars to back up his stories of capturing dinosaurs barehanded. Room and board at the Gold Dragon Inn costs a simple fee per night, which is reduced further if a patron stays of 5 days or more.

• The Merry Marcher: Tucked along the edge of the Roar, the Merry Marcher is a friendly tavern for travelers who want something a little more exotic than the Gold Dragon Inn but do not want to brave the dangers of Bloodstone. The Marcher is owned by a half-orc named Durad Taash, and specializes in the cuisine of the Shadow Marches. Half-orcs and orcs from other lands are especially welcome and encour¬aged to tell tales of their travels.

• Vorgath’s: A former prospector turned entre¬preneur, the orc Vorgath provides mundane goods to travelers as well as trade goods or good coin for raw ore.

• Far Davandi: An outpost of the famed Zil haberdasher, Far Davandi can produce clothing designed in the style of any of the Five Nations. It primarily serves expatriates who still remember their homeland fondly.

• The Kundarak Vault: A small building with reinforced walls, the vault is shared by House Kundarak (Dwarven banks and bearers of the Mark of Warding) and House Sivis (Gnome bearers of the Mark of the Scribe). Neither has an especially strong presence in Graywall, but there is a speaking stone and an access point for the Kundarak vault network, which allows clients of the bank to withdraw goods stored elsewhere in Khorvaire.

• House Orien Enclave: This large outpost is designed to support multiple caravans at once, and it is currently operating below capacity. The Daughters of Sora Kell are interested in establishing trade routes and eventually lightning rails within their realm, and they have subsidized Orien’s operations in Droaam. The local Baron, Saria d’Orien, is a canny negotiator and has formed close ties within the town.

• Hahlo’s House: Although small, this Jorasco house of healing can handle most problems. Thanks to his dragonmark, Hahlo d’Jorasco can perform exceptional acts of healing and magical cures. For the right price, he is even able to bring the dead back to the living. While most religious healers will only gift their magic on their own faithful flock, House Jorasco (Halfling bearers of the Mark of Healing) will use their skills on any for the right price. Hahlod though is known to add a “Droaam tax” to his own prices unless he likes the client.

• The Silenced Stage: Subsidized by House Phiarlan (elven bearers of the Mark of Shadow) and founded by Asta Brand a Karnathi exile, this playhouse specializes in works that have been banned in the Five Nations. Along with famous but now taboo works, new creations of exiled and expatriate artists are a common feature. It is one of the major tourist draws in Graywall, since people travel from Fairhaven, Flamekeep, and Korth to see these forbidden performances.

• Veils: Though small, this brothel has a stable of changelings and doppelgangers trained to mimic the accents and mannerisms common to any of the Five Nations. In addition to traditional services, Veils also provides escorts trained to pluck an image from the mind of a client—doppelgangers who can assume the form and mannerisms of a loved one, allowing an expatriate or traveling merchant to enjoy a meal or an evening in the company of someone lost through exile or slain in the war.

• The Cracked Keg: This seedy tavern has smoked windows, and it is identified only by the barrel-shaped trade sign hanging over the door. This sign has a single crack running through the unmarked sign. The owner is Banor Blackbarrel, an old dwarf brigand who used to run potent troll grog to the troops stationed along the western border. In addition to serving powerful Droaamish spirits and sponsoring gambling, Banor runs a blood gin den in his basement—a home away from home for a grow¬ing number of dissolute exiles. Banor has contacts throughout the town, and known as a relatively safe place to start looking if wanting to find some¬one or something in nearby Bloodstone district. He is though known as a ruthless and cruel person, interested solely in his personal profit.

• The House of the Nine: This small inn and public house is also Droaam’s sole temple to the Sovereign Host, run by a human family from western Breland. Hostess Channa Perryn blesses every meal in the name of Olladra and Boldrei, and Cord Perryn performs services in the back room. Neither Cord nor Channa are spellcasters, but they provide spiritual guidance to followers of the Host, and Cord might assist respectful and needy guests with his mundane healing. Room and board at the House of the Nine costs a small donation, but there are only at most four rooms ever avaliable.

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