Background Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire that should be completed for all PCs. Some of it is very basic, but the overall goal is to both help in developing a fully fleshed out concept as well as provide story hooks or plot devises for the game itself.

If you want to use Eberron specific details for any answer, feel free. If something does not fit between your concept and the story’s read on that detail, it can be worked out. You can just as easily start with the feel of the place and work with the DM to fit it into the setting if you lack the knowledge of the setting in advance.

1. What’s your character’s name, race, and class?

2. Where was your character born? Try to describe it: What kind of people lived there, how large was it, did it have a special purpose, etc.

3. What are your character’s favorite items, goods, weapons or other trappings? Are there keepsakes or trophies they like to have, a certain level of goods they uncomfortable without, or any material requirements they abide by?

4. What is the most important event in your character’s life? The answer to this question is preferably something that changed your character in a meaningful way. Another way to look at the question is, “Why is my character going out into the world and leaving his warm, quiet, normal life behind?” Do not give the outcome of an event (i.e., the day he became a wizard), instead give the antecedents/what brought about the change.

5. What motivates your character? This includes any simple drives (money, power, revenge) but is better the more personal and detailed about what keeps them going, motivated, or what they want out of the future. Of equal value is what prevents your character from doing things, or keeps them grounded.

6. Who is close or meaningful to your character’s, in either a positive or adverse way? The minimum is three NPCs that could be incorporated into the game. These can be best friends, distant relatives, mentors, rivals, etc. You do not have control of the inner works of these NPC, but you can designate the relationship your character has to them.

7. What does your character fear, makes them lose control , or makes them feel powerless? List a few things that can affect them in-game. Common things include spiders, snakes, or water. More unique triggers can be certain spells, types of people (like kings or beggars), or special weather conditions and environments (like swamps, the desert, or the open ocean).

8. Does your character have any dark secrets, hidden goals, or shameful desires either currently or in his past? Troubled sides can really flesh out a character, with the deep, dire, and psychological things being able to build in more depth and offer good plot devises. The more personal the better, with guilt over the role a PC played in a murder of a peasant potentially offering more connection to the character than membership in a secrete cult.

9. What goals does your character hope to accomplish? What will your character achieve during the course of the campaign? Rather than ideals or goals (which can come under 5 above),these should be more tangible goals for real-life people. These are things that can be accomplished through the campaign’s plot, such as obtaining a specific title, saving an important NPC, recovering a missing artifact, building an organization, or finding a lost civilization.

When you’re done, send the questionnaire back to me with your answers (leave the questions as well). I’ll read through it and suggest things to include or take away that might nudge your character towards other NPCs or campaign goals.

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Background Questionnaire

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