Zerasha, The Voice of the Shadow (NPC)

Medusa priestess of the Shadow


Zerasha speaks as the Voice of the Shadow in Greywall, acting as spiritual and community leader to those who acknowledge the Shadow as the creator of the monstrous races.

A medusa worshiper and priestess of Shadow, she maintains a small windowless temple formed from black stone known as the Eye of the Shadow. The Eye rests at the end of Street of the Shadow in Bloodstone. The black-scaled medusa is a force with which to be reckoned, being reputed as both a fearsome combatant and skilled ritual caster.

Zerasha is an active benefactor of the Shadow’s children, enforcing benevolence within her community in exchange for devotion to the Shadow. She is valued and feared based on her dark take on raising charitable awareness, and now ranks amongst the most influential voices in Graywall. Zerasha’s will possibly falls right after Xorchylic , at least amongst the natives of Droaam not conditioned into the Flayer’s Guard. Beyond her community building efforts, many have come to trust her oracular gifts or sought her out due to her knowledge of the Shadow’s secrete lore.

Her first loyalty is to the Shadow and to her own warlord, the Queen of Stone. At the moment, she is a vocal supporter of the Daughters of Sora Kell due to their welcoming of all the monstrous races to Droaam, but Zersha will not comment on ideas of aggression toward the other nations.


Zerasha, The Voice of the Shadow (NPC)

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