Lord Khundran d'Torrn (NPC)

Overseer of House Tharashk operations within Graywall


There is perhaps no half-orc of more importance in Droaam than Kord Khundran. His generosity and feats in the challenge rings has earned the respect of many of the inhabitants of Graywall, and his House has seen their influence in Droaam rise in thanks to Khundran’s efforts..

He resides in the House Tharashk Enclave in the Kennels, and from that seat he acts as commandant, head prospector, and chief recruitment officer. He also has been given the role of magistrate for the Kennel district, with house forces patrolling and protecting the buildings on Xor’chylic’s behalf. The mayor’s charge though is about maintaining peace and keeping the traders or visitors who come to Greywall from causing undo conflict. Even in this district, there is no attempt to hold the populous to the Laws of Galifar. Generally, Kundran Torrn acts if a crime directly threatens the stability of the Calabas. In a city of monsters, Khundran is seen as a fair but stern source of order.

When the stability is not the issue, he takes action only if it can be conclusively proven that a clear crime has occurred. This in turn usually requires the plaintiff to employ the services of Tharashk inquisitives, who are commanded by Jana Velderan, a female human member of the House . Kundran is highly suspect of any other sources of evidence brought before him. When punishment is necessary, it is pragmatic and measured. If the crime is serious enough or immediate satisfaction is not possible (or appropriate) then those found guilty may be sent to the Throne District.


Lord Khundran d'Torrn (NPC)

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