Lady Mishaan d' Phiarlan (NPC)

Master of House Phiarlan's, Prorpietor of the Twilight Palace


Lady Mishaan d’ Phiarlan named after the would be queen of Cyre who’s right to the throne of Galifar set off the Last War, Lady Mishaan combines all of the pose of her lost homeland and grace of an high born elf.

She is master of House Phiarlan’s interests in Droaam, which for the moment do not extend much beyond the Kennel’s district. She has a great deal of natural charm that can be put on as needed, but over time she lives up to reputation for going through periods of melancholy, childlike gaiety, and seductive vulnerability. In addition to being a talented musician and linguist, Lady Mishaan is quiet proficient with harnessing the powers of the Mark of Shadows.

As the representative of her house and a dragonmarked heir, Lady Mishaan takes the most active role at the Twilight Palace. There she vacillates between being head concierge, lead performer, manager, and hostess depending on her moods and the needs of guests. Lady Mishaan keeps a watch out for talent in Graywall, occasionally allowing exotic performances of the sort only found in Droaam to perform at the Palace. More often though, she tends to recruit these acts for limited engagements or special shows at the Silences Stage. Some acts are not fit for either, but may still provide something that appeals to the Lady. She has been known to be quiet generous to street or tavern performers in the Roar and throughout Greywall.


Lady Mishaan d' Phiarlan (NPC)

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