Greywall sits at the foot of the Graywall Mountains, built atop the ancient Dhakaani ruins of Korash Khaar. While Graywall was built by the hands of ogre and goblin laborers, it was designed by and constructed under the explicit instructions of the mind flayer Xor’chylic.. It rests in the mountain pass between Droaam and Breland. It acts as trade center and gateway between the nation of monsters and the civilized nations of Khorvaire.

Droaam is a nation driven by a swirl of savage passions, primal desires, and often ancient intellects. The land hides remints of the riches and power of the once great hobgoblin empire, as well as places still tainted by the Daelkyr aberrations that overwhelmed them. Bands of beasts and monsters that squabbled over territories across ten-thousand years now fall under the authority of warlords, who in turn must pledge fealty to the Daughters of Sora Kell. Three queens whose dark witchery has been the stuff of nightmares and grim tales since before the start of recorded history. They now have a nation of their own, giving domains out and naming warlord barons who are often as much the stuff of dark legends as their queens. It is a place for all fiendish creatures or children of the Shadow to call home.

The Daughters and their warlords seek to gain acknowledgement from the rest of Khovaire, but can things which live by either being feared, or showing fear to those more threatening ever be respected. Do these creatures even understand what respect is without blood being spilled. Graywall will be the testing ground for this question. Nations seek to know what threat Droaam will present, or if it is an ally should these last few years be a false peace and the Last War not truly be finished. Others seek to pluck resources from the land, to explore previously inaccessible regions or track down the truth of lost settlements and heroes that had braved the land during the days of Galifar. What will the Daughters and those living under their threat enforced rule allow, and what will they demand in turn.

Those needing to know and those wishing to benefit from the answer, you are bid welcome by the Daughters. Come freely, for you may go anywhere you wish in this land, except where the paths are blocked, and where of course you will not wish to go. There are mysteries which men can only guess at, but if you are eager to try, then come and leave something of the happiness you bring behind.

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Droaam: Graywall and Long Shadows

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